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Peace, Love and Music

Published on June 21, 2013, by  in Uncategorized.

But especially Peace.

In Due Time is a constantly growing and changing thing; like any human being, thought, plant, atmosphere, or stew. Recently we’ve had some good discussions about our past, present, and future, but I’m only going to share part of our discussions right now. In Due Time will always be able to make music as the entity that is In Due Time, namely, myself (Tony), Mike, Corey, Kelsie, Kyle, and Ethan. It is with these 6 that In Due Time began, and these 6 that it currently exists. I also think of Beau as a member of this collective (he’ll be singing with us at Herman’s Hideaway, tomorrow night, as I’m writing this). I even include Ruth as part of the ensemble that is In Due Time, though the time she was with us was short.

The point is, whether or not we make music on a regular basis (2 practices a week, once a month, whatever), and regardless of the visibility of the music we make (on national TV, Billboard top 40, Youtube, Facebook, or a small CD you have in your hand), the music will be made, and it will be meaningful. It will push the boundaries of what music has been and can be. It will satisfy the members of In Due Time as individuals and as a group, and it may even satisfy those who hear it as a finished product instead of as a work in progress. This is a happy thing for me, and for all of us, and hopefully, for the world.

I’d also like to write about the new song we’ll be debuting at this Herman’s Hideaway show. The song is called “Thoughts Falling,” and it was originally written and conceived by Mike, our drummer. He wrote the guitar part, the horn lines, and a guitar/bass duet section. Through our discussions and collaborations as a band, the musical form took shape into what we will play tomorrow night. Once we had that mostly finished, Mike asked each member of the band to bring in a few short lines of poetry that we had written. We then synthesized parts of all these poems into the lyrics and chorus for the song. This was, for me, a very cool way to see a song come to life, because songs can benefit immensely from multiple perspectives being woven into the structure.

Often times as a songwriter, I strive to accurately imagine other people’s opinions and inject them into my writing so that the song is both personal to me and relatable to many people. With the way we constructed “Thoughts Falling,” it is both personal to 6 people and open to a multitude of interpretations by any person who listens to it. I believe that each listener’s brain will experience and analyze different emotions within the song, and forge a personal connection that is uniquely theirs, even as it is shared with many others. This kind of writing makes me incredibly happy, and fills me with a sense of purpose; by writing songs that bring many people to common emotional ground in individually unique ways, we can make the world better, one song at a time.

Hope to see many of you tomorrow night.




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